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KITE, EAGLE, HOMI for Chetak/Kamov, Dornier & Tu142m respectively

Leveraging the experience gained in producing various EW systems (including many airborne systems) for the past twenty two years, Sorokasoft has decided to internally take up the development of new sub system in support and supply to the PSU and BEL.

ESM system Design is configured into the following Line Replaceable Units (LRUs):
• Antenna Assemblies 
• Front End Receiver Assemblies 
• Power Supply Unit
• ESM Processor Unit
• Display Unit
• Surge Suppressor Boxes 
• Control Panel
• Notch Filters 
• RF Cables & Cable Looms
• Field Data Loader is used for uploading radar library & downloading stored track data.

• The receiver measures Frequency, Amplitude, DOA, PW and TOA on pulse-by-pulse basis. 
• Parameters are organized as Pulse Descriptor Words (PDW), which are de-interleaved in ESM    signal processor to build emitter tracks. 
• Tracks are presented to the operator in a convenient format on a display.  
• The complete system developed by BEL can handle up to 20 emitters providing warning up to 16 threats. 

• Can handle up to 300 KPPS and has reaction time of < 2 seconds.


Electronic Warfare System - Hardware / Software

  • Embedded Software for Dual x186 based System Computer for an EW-ELINT System for Naval Platform
  • EW-GIS Software
  • EW-COMINT System Control Software
  • Communication Support Measures (CSM) System Software for Air borne EW Platform

Automatic Test Systems / Equipment / Software

  • Microwave Components Qualification Test Facility
  • Antenna Measurement Systems - Digital Pattern Recorder
  • Electric Machines / Generators / Exciters Test Bed Software & Custom Built Instrumentation
  • CDMA Forward Link Clearance Test
  • Radio Spectrum Monitoring and Surveillance System (Hawk)

Wireless Networking for Mission Critical Applications on Naval Platforms

  • RF Link Setup for Mission Critical Application
  • Stabilization System

Missile Integration Capabilities

Have the Expertise for the development of the missile requirements like
> OBCE-On board Control Equipment with composition of the following :- Seeker, Inertial Navigational System, Amplifier converter Device, Missile Interface Unit, On board Computer and Fin Actuator
>Programmabale Timing Device
>Thermal Control System
>Cable Assembly

Inertial Navigational System

Inertial Navigation System represents itself strap down inertial system, which includes in its block of sensing elements (3 pendulous accelerometers, 2 tuned rotor gyroscopes, preliminary amplifiers, temperature sensors, heating elements), which is confined in thermal body, and also electronic unit, temperature sensors, Micro computer on basis of 80С186 processor with the bus bar interface as per MIL STD 1553B and secondary power supply, which can be monitored by operating modes.


UAV is commonly known as a Drone is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Its flight is either contolled autonomously by computers in the vehcile or under the remote control of a pilot on the ground or in another vehicle. 


  • Multi-tasking optronics stablised platform is an elctro-optical payload  which provides vieo images of the target which is controlled by the UAV's central computer for either a pre-programmed mission or operated in real time via uplink by advanced ground contolled system .
  • Vertical Gyro unit comprises of artificail horizon sensor which determines the UAV pitch and roll angles about the lateral and logitudal angles respectively.
  • Air data unit comprises of dual function sensor -Altitude (Measurement Range is computed in accordance with two barometric pressure valves obtained from static port located in the nose of the UAV
  • Rate Gyro Unit is a miniature solid state device(sensor) based on a piezo electric vibratory gyroscope which uses low power oscillating quartz tuning fork sensors to sense angular velocity. It comprises a YAW (Rate of Turn) sensor determining UAV yaw rate for the Auto Pilot (AP) yaw damper loop
  • The Camera and Lens Assembly is mounted for day operation and is used for obtaining high-resolution pictures of the target area in daylight. In order to obtain a close-up of the target area it is fitted with zoom assembly. Pictures of the target area are collected using Charged Coupled Device (CCD) camera.
  • The Forward Looking Infra-red is mounted mainly for night operation and is used for obtaining black and white video images of the target area during night or hazy/cloudy conditions. The camera provides thermal images in the spectrum range 3-5 µm. In order to obtain a close-up of the target area it has provision for electronic zoom. Pictures of the target area are collected using IR Objective lens and thermal image detector. The Image and Video-processing unit process the signal from thermal sensor unit and convert to standard TV video signal. The signals are transmitted in real time on the system Downlink (DNL) channel. 
  • The Dynamically Tuned Gyro has two degree of freedom and is mounted to measure the angular rate of change and stabilize the payloads. 
  • The Laser Designator Range finder is mounted for Laser designation of the target and computes target’s slant range. The main functions performed by this lru are as follows:-  Laser designation of the identified targe,  Computation of the range of the identified target