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                        We provide the comprehensive customer,                                           .      services and support to DPSU's, Aerospace Industry & Indian Air Force (IAF). The broad spectrum of customer services provided by us comprises of the following:
• Supply & maintanance of Electronic & Automotive systems to Indian Air Force & DPSU’s
• Quick response and fast turnaround servicing of avionic systems and LRUs
• Regular workshops both at in-house training school and at Air Force bases to the IAF personnel
• Updation of the avionic systems to cater to the needs of the customers for the induction of new armaments, EW and weapon systems.


  • Embedded Hardware Design
  • PCB layout Design and Analysis
  • Ruggedization
  • Development of Projects on Turnkey basis
  • Reverse Engineering & indigenization
  • Embedded software Design
  • Assembly and Bulk Production
  • Built-to-spec & Built-to-print business model
  • Communication Protocols :- Mil 1553, Ar 429, I2C, SPI , CAN, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, Ethernet etc.,
  • Digital Design :- CPLD & FPGA based designs from ALTERA, XILINX, upto Vertex 6 series (FPGA programming , VHDL coding, Simulation, Bit stream Programming)
  • Methodologies of Software, Hardware and Environmental certification: DO178B, DO254 and DO160/MIL STD 810 and MIL STD 461, IEEE12207, MIL STD 2167A/498, MISRA-C
  • Processors & Microcontrollers: DSP microprocessors & microcontrollers from around the globe like Texas instruments, ANALOG devices. 8/16/32 bit families from Intel, Dallas, Texas, silicon labs etc., 32 bit microprocessors, 8086, 80486, PowerPC etc.,
  • Structural Analysis and Mechanical design: CAD, CAE, Modeling and stress analysis for reliable design, Enclosure design, optimization and manufacturing as per mil/Aerospace Standards.
  • Embedded Software development :- Embedded Linux, Windows CE, RTOS, Android, VX Works, MDK-ARM vision IDE, MATLAB, XILINX ISE design Suite, Quartus II, ALTERA SDK, LAB View etc.,
  • Programming Languages:- Assembly, C, C++,,, VHDL, Verilog, Java, etc.,
  • All sorts of Memory interfaces like SRAM, EEPROM, NAND FLASH and SD/MMC cards
  • Realization from specification to end product as well installation and commissioning, manufacturing against design drawing provided by the customer.
  • Developing Test JIG/ATE’s for existing systems and subsystems for functional checks as required by the customer
  • Software services including firmware development, programming and interface software as part of turnkey projects


  • Ours is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • We conduct the Quality control review meeting on regular basis to identify, define and solve related problems.
  • Have the DDPMAS Study and implements its features while training to the customers.
  • We train our employees from time-to-time to build up their technical potentiality to meet the stringent quality standards as required by various third party inspection agencies representing Goverment like MSQAA, DGAQA, DGNA, CNAI, CQAE etc.,
  • Our Quality conscious professionals at SOROKASOFT (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED will work at continual overall improvement in order to meet our customer's expectations, leading towards increasing mutual satisfaction and profitability.