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With the ability to handle urgent, secure, and sensitive shipments--and a delivery network that stretches across the globe--we give you the flexibility to meet demand. Our tools and technologies create efficiencies, centralize control, cut costs, reduce paper, and increase productivity.

Sorokasoft’s core strength in Design & Development of Electronics, Electro-mechanical & EW Systems for various applications that includes Industrial, Defence, Aerospace has made the Customers to trust and off-load the Orders/Contracts that contain full-fledged Design packages and also working on Built to Specifications model. The Company has nearly two decades hands on experience in supporting ESM, ECM, ECCM, Radar, Ground & Onboard systems

Sorokasoft possesses vast capital and skilled human resources i.e. Software & Hardware to meet any stringent project-based for product design and develop projects on Turnkey model. It organizes meetings with concerned teams of management to reinforce the key ideas so as to identify the customer needs, concept generation, product architecture, industrial design, development and design for manufacturing.

Sorokasoft develops in-house test system for functional checks as required by the project and is omnipotent for one-stop solution to all sorts of projects.

Sorokasoft is also focusing on R&D activities & development of new Technologies. It has launched a Regional Office cum R&D Centre at Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and all major cities to support our Regional Customers to meet their immediate requirements.


Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), some times also referred to as Automatic Test Systems (ATS) are used in Design Characterization & Production Testing. The DUTs / SUTs can be Devices, Sub-Systems, Systems & Full Integrated Super-Systems (Systems of Systems). 

Sorokasoft has deep expertise in Designing & Commissioning ATEs for various applications like Automated Testing of any Systems using Standard / Custom Developed Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment / Test Jigs & Fixtures, etc .

We handled On-Wafer Test Systems, TR Modules, Radar Test Systems, Turbine / Pumps / Transformer / Generator / Exciter Data Acquisition & Test Systems.

C4I and Surveillance Support Systems

Our computing solutions are designed to cater C4I (Command , Control, Communications, Computation and Intelligence) functionality, thus making operational deployment easy and flexible. No specialized skills required for mission specific changes in the field. Fully rugged computing solutions are designed to withstand most demanding operating environments such as vibration, wide temperature range.

Mission Computer System (MCS)

MCS is leading edge, flexible, robust, combat and rugged modular computer that can be configured to meet the general purpose requirement. The system leverages proven protocols and expertise in application specific requiremens to provide high performance, state - of - the art computing resource for avionics, ground based and shipboard systems.

RADAR upgradation and Maintenance

  • Upgration of Imported Radars
  • Indegenous COTS items (Ruggedised)
  • Co-developed software
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Quick repair/maintenance support


We are well expertised in all three categories of EW ie., ESM (Electronic Support Measure), ECM (Electronic C0ounter Measure), ECCM(Electronic Centred Counter Measure) with functions which are performed for Intelligence gathering, such as SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) and its constituent parts of ELINT (Electronic Intelligence), Communication Intelligence (COMMINT) and Radiation Intelligence   (RINT), Telemetry Intelligence (TELINT).

We  have been working as system supplier and developer for the RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) of ESM system on the LRU’s of ELINT system of any category.

Our communication system designed to meet the long range secure communication needs of the Indian Defence forces. These systems are designed around DSPs and have embedded features such as digital encryption, frequency hopping, automatic link control, etc., in addition to voice the system can support data and also can entered email - facility to remotely located users.

COMINT Systems

The COMINIT system comprise of post of search, scan and maintaining, IF controller and signal analysis, active and df etc., covering the required frequency spectrum.

Sorokasoft has executed and been a part of large COMINT projects which are operational at strategic locations.

Sorokasoft has supplied systems and been a partner for EW system designed by DRDO and manufactured by BEL. As part of the programme, Sorokasoft has developed LRU’s and Integrated Communication Segment entities. We also manufactured low cost, sealed down versions of these EW systems for meeting customized requirements of defence forces of India.

                                                                              EW ESM systems with different LRUs