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About Us

Sorokasoft was established by a professional team headed by Mr. Prem Chand, in the year 1998. Mr. Prem Chand with his several years of hands-on experience on RF / Microwave Communication Systems, ATE, EW, Embedded Systems & Software has setup a technical & management team, serving the needs of our clients.

 We are an ISO 9001:2008 Company. Our Process streamline provides us a structured approach for revisiting, reviewing and improving the internal effectiveness and efficiency of a process while also evaluating and improving its value to our client. Understanding the needs of Clients and their expectations with regards to the service levels have helped us adopt a unique approach to cater to their requirements. Adopting Process oriented methodology helped us focus on the set of skills and mechanisms used to efficiently and effectively implement policy, planning and management activities that involve group of people interacting, often in decision-making thereby accomplishing desired outcomes. This phenomenon would help us realize CMM level accreditation very soon.

 For a company to maximize its operational efficiency and revenue growth it must be able to treat and leverage the data they have access to as a "strategic asset". SOROKASOFT has skilled information workers that concentrate on enabling all areas of the organization with intelligence. We adopt a "continuous improvement" philosophy that concentrates on maximizing the performance of customer’s operational functions, impacting customers in a positive way thus making appropriate making decisions that ensure higher ROI for the customer. 

 We are dedicated to constant improvement and enhancement of our services. Each client is a valued customer, and an opportunity for us to improve the delivery of our services.


Prem Chand, the visionary and the prinicipal founder of the organization, had a childhood dream to set up an organization, which would provide opportunities to young members for scientific experimentation and there by enable and empower them to be part of the process of creating a better society.

During his Engineering Education (1983-87), his ideas got more streamlined and started visualizing a futuristic business organization, which would realize the above dream, through offering of products and services in the technology spectrum of Electronics, Communications & Software.

After a spell of part-time-freelancing (non business, 1994 to 1997), In the year 1997, An (un registered) entity named 'SuperSoft' was conceptualized by Prem Chand, with its operations from Snehapuri (Motinagar) in Hyderabad.

Supersoft was later transformed as Sorokasoft India Private Limited and was registered in the year 1998 with its operations from a spacious office at Sindhi Colony (Penderghast Road) in Secunderabad. Apart from Prem Chand, Sorokasoft's Founder Members included a few other close friends / associates, who had some similar ideas. The Name, Sorokasoft is derived from names of children of these associates.

The names of the kids are Soumya, Rohan, Karthik. So is the name So ro ka soft.

The First Customer for Supersoft / Sorokasoft was Hewlett Packard India, T&M-SSV Division.